Exercise and Eating Disorders: Thoughts on No Longer Trying to “Run Away from” Yourself in Recovery

How can exercise be bad when it feels good? When does exercise become an addiction? Isn’t exercise an antidepressant? When do you need to take a break from exercise? How can you move your body with joy in your eating disorder recovery?

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Orchids, Dandelions, and Recovery

Some recovery counselors recommend getting a pet after going through treatment (for alcoholism, eating disorders, depression)…

Many of my clients are what might be characterized as “orchids.” Orchids are a sensitive lot. They need just the right amount of light and water, or they don’t bloom. They’re often the ones, as children, that stay on the edge of the playground until the conditions are exactly right for them to jump in and play. I often use this analogy with my clients: If you go to a playground and one person runs right to the slide to go down it, and one person pauses before deciding where they would most feel comfortable playing, who is better?

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