Why Your Head Might Be Full of Bullshit (and What to Do About it)

The bullshit in your head, aka cognitive distortions, can be affected by sleep, hormones, and diet culture. Here’s what you can do to identify the cognitive distortions and get back into your eating disorder recovery.

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The Diet Trap and 4 Ways to Survive the Holidays

Christmas cookies, Christmas cakes, Christmas turkey, egg nog, …I’ve been thinking about how the stress of compulsive eating, emotional eating, dieting, and disordered eating affect so many people this time of year...

It can be so tempting, to use food as a comfort for unmet feelings or to to diet/restrict food as a way to avoid or control uncomfortable feelings. However, it has been proven, again and again, that diets don’t work.

Here’s why and here’s what you can do instead.

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